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With over three decades of combined real estate experience, Jaime Lynn Jones and Julie Mariani Cassel provide their clients with a truly dynamic real estate team.

“Jaime and Julie were unbelievable to work with when finding a home. They understood what we were looking for and found us a home that we love! They work really hard and understand the area. We are so grateful for all the J+J Team Homes team has done to find us a new home.”

J Breslin, Redwood City buyers & sellers

“Jaime and Julie are AWESOME!!! They were incredible to work with throughout the entire home buying process and continue to be tremendous resources to this day. In a real estate environment that seemed unapproachable and overwhelming, we found Jamie and Julie to be exactly what we needed. They were knowledgeable, direct and patient. We couldn’t have asked for anything else!”

J Allister, Menlo Park buyers

“Anyone who says lightning never strikes the same spot twice clearly has never worked with Jaime and Julie of J + J Team Homes. Just five months ago, I wrote a five-star review on the J + J Team (see below), detailing how they architected one of the unlikeliest, most unexpected, and profitable off-market home sales for my wife and I, without the need for any staging, relocation, or inconvenience. I truly (and, in hindsight, naively) thought there was no way they could recapture the magic of that incredible sale (one made possible only by their sterling reputation and deep industry connections), much less blow it out of the water. Boy was I ever wrong — and I couldn’t be happier for it. Thanks to the continued guidance of the J + J Team, my family and I are now proud homeowners in West Atherton … literally a sentence I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to type given the sheer improbability of owning a home in Forbes’ “most expensive ZIP code” for what seems like an eternity. But it happened. How? I HAVE NO IDEA. All I know is that the J + J Team encouraged and counseled me and my wife to make a Hail Mary pass of an offer on a wonderful home in the best school district (Las Lomitas), and then…they worked their magic. Lightning struck a second time. Our offer was accepted and now we are proud Athertonians (I had to read that again…I still can’t believe it’s real.) I can’t emphasize this point enough: no other team could have architected such an incredible off-market sale (one which opened the door for my latest move), I believe from the bottom of my heart that NO OTHER TEAM would have been able to make this dream purchase happen. Whether you are on the Buy or Sell side (or both!), you MUST contact J + J Team Homes. Everyone deserves a little magic on their side, right?”

-W Mosley, Atherton buyers & Menlo Park sellers

“Jaime and Julie are a wonderful team. As we were first-time home buyers, they took the time to explain the home buying process in great detail and answered our questions promptly. They provided insightful and thorough advice while keeping in mind our goals in buying a home. In addition, they were well educated in the real state market and knew how to guide us in making the best decision. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jaime and Julie, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

E & B Loughhead, Redwood City buyers

“Jaime and Julie were a wonderful team. As we were first-time home buyers, they took the time to explain the home buying process in great detail and answered our questions promptly. They provided insightful and thorough advice while keeping in mind our goals in buying a home. In addition, they were well educated in the real estate market and knew how to guide us in making the best decision. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jaime and Julie, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

-B Smith, Redwood City buyer

“Jaime and Julie were a pleasure to work with. They are organized, knowledgeable and clear in their recommendations. They made a stressful major life event manageable and positive.”

-D Dowsett, Menlo Park seller

“We’ve had great experiences using Jaime and Julie to sell a condo and buy a home in the Peninsula and North Bay! As first-time sellers and buyers in really competitive markets, we had a lot of questions and anxieties going into the process each time. With their patience, knowledge, honesty and flexibility, we were able to feel confident in every decision to sell, buy and not to buy that we made. I enthusiastically recommend Jaime and Julie to anyone I know looking for agents in the Peninsula!”

-R & A Borkowski, San Mateo sellers & Tiburon buyers

“My wife and I are first time homebuyers, who pushed off buying our first home for a long time because entering the market on the peninsula felt nearly impossible. Jaime and Julie put us at ease and gave us the confidence to actually get in the game. Right from our first meeting, they made us feel comfortable and armed us with the information necessary to narrow in on geographic areas and begin the financing process. Ultimately, we went from identifying our house to being under contract within roughly 48 hours. While this was a crazy time for us, Jaime and Julie didn’t miss a beat. They were incredibly professional throughout the process, and seemingly instantly there for us whenever we needed. Having them both on our side was invaluable, and we will be forever grateful for that. We will be working with them again if we ever are back in the market!”

-T & E Sobolewski, Redwood City buyer

“I can’t say enough good things about Jaime & Julie. What began as a chance meeting at an open house led to an off-market sale of our property that FAR exceeded expectations.

My wife and I first met Jaime at an open house. Unlike the aggressive realtors I’ve met at open houses over the years (you know the type: the ones who ask for your number, e-mail, and general life’s history before even saying “hello”), Jaime’s warm, casual, and friendly demeanor put me and my wife at ease right away. We ended up chatting real estate with Jaime for nearly two hours, where she displayed not only a sophisticated understanding of the market, but also a keen understanding of where my wife and I were situated as potential sellers and our broader objectives.

After my wife and I let the thought of selling percolate for a few weeks, we naturally reached out to Jaime for her insights. We desired to “test the waters” without uprooting ourselves, and Jaime–unlike other realtors who INSIST that you vacate, stage, etc.–accommodated our preferred approach. Jaime then leveraged her connections and stellar reputation to line up multiple showings across two weekends of our off-market opportunity, which quickly led to a no-brainer offer that far exceeded even the most generous estimates of other realtors with whom we had spoken (who were quite cynical of our home’s sale potential due to its proximity to a busy road). We were absolutely blown away by the results we achieved with J&J Team at the helm.

Beyond delivering extraordinary results with the utmost professionalism and responsiveness, Jaime and Julie are simply FANTASTIC PEOPLE. Warm, friendly, genuine, and an absolute joy to be around. If you’re thinking of selling (or buying!) a home, you owe it to yourself to give Jaime & Julie a call.

-W & F Mosley, Menlo Park sellers

“Jaime and Julie helped us buy and sell our homes in 2021. My family was looking for a special home that we could live in for the rest of our lives. J+J were patient with us and guided us to finally finding the house of our dreams. I truly believe we found our forever home because they were our realtors!”

-E & A Rios, Redwood City sellers + buyers

“Jaime and Julie are the best realtors we’ve ever worked with! They helped us move to Redwood City and found us a home we absolutely love. Would highly recommend them.”

-T & C Blosser, San Carlos sellers + Redwood City buyers

“Should you ever, ever need a real estate agent in the Bay Area, Julie Cassel and Jaime Lynn Jones are truly beyond an A+. This is an unsolicited recommendation for a highly responsive, focused team. “

J Block, Redwood City buyer & seller

“Jamie and Julie helped us get our perfect first home. They walked us through the whole process from searching all the way to closing and getting our home ready to move into. They were great listeners and knew what to ask to shortlist where and what types of properties would suit us now and for the future. They were also very knowledgeable about the neighbourhoods, like traffic patterns and noise, and how to look for hidden problems in properties. We really appreciated their ability to settle our first home buyer jitters, slowing us down to make sure we were making the right call, but pushing hard and quickly to get our place. We loved working with Jamie and Julie, and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again.” 

-S & R Shek, Menlo Park buyers

“Jaime and Julie are truly amazing to work with. They represented the sale of our first home and the purchase of our dream home! We consistently felt they had our best interests at heart and made every step of the process clear and seamless. They are proactive, insightful, creative, organized and accessible! Every single detail was planned and executed flawlessly with incredible professionalism. They are both so warm and friendly, we thoroughly enjoyed every engagement with them! Highly recommend Jaime & Julie!”

-C & A Heppberger, Redwood City buyers & sellers

“Jaime and Julie helped my husband and I see firsthand how having the right agent makes all the difference in the buying experience. They provided a personal touch from start to finish helping us with the home search, defining our target criteria and stayed in constant communication via phone, text and email to keep us ‘in the know’ throughout the process. Jaime and Julie complement each other so well and were a grounding force in stresser moments one comes across so often as part of the buying process. Even better, they anticipated potential problems, provided credible options for prevention and guided us to a win-win solution. We highly recommend this dynamic duo! Their energy, expertise and enthusiasm for the Mount Carmel neighborhood made looking for a home like a new, fun adventure and no doubt this alone is amazing given the madness of this year.”

-J McConnell & L Sitzman, Redwood City buyers

“It was an incredible experience preparing and selling our home as quickly as we did! My wife and I feel that the professionalism that Jaime and Julie rendered towards the sale of our home should be commended! Two thumbs way up!!!”

-F Sanchez, Menlo Park seller

“You really did a fantastic job on getting the Upland house.  There’s no way I could have gotten that price with you have you as my agent.  I really appreciated that you listened carefully to understand my goals for the purchase, and then you went out and made it happen – against the odds – and despite the fact that realtors naturally have an incentive to close a sale rather than get the best price.  You saved me a lot of money.”

-D Bebb, Redwood City buyer

“Jaime is amazing. The first time I worked with her was twelve years ago when I bought my first home. Recently, I worked with her to sell a home in a somewhat complicated transaction. Jaime made the entire experience so easy. She is knowledgeable, smart and professional. She is also super energetic, down to earth and funny. I felt more like I was working with a friend that had my best interest in mind at all times. I definitely recommend Jaime whether you are selling or buying a home!”

-Joanne Marquez, Menlo Park, Redwood City and Foster City buyer & seller

“Jaime is a fantastic agent and I’d recommend her to anyone. She did an incredible job finding us a home in Menlo Park and worked very hard for us in what was a very tight market. After looking at many homes over many months thanks to her hard work, she ended up finding us a home off-market. And due to her hustle, we were the 1st people to see it. Most importantly, we always felt like she had our best interests above else and truly represented us. We’ve used many other agents on both buy and sell sides and would recommend her above all others.  A+!!!”

Jason L, Menlo Park buyer then seller

“We recently purchased our first house with J+J Team Homes as our exclusive agent. Not only did they find our dream house in a few weeks, but they found it off market through their unmatched local connections. This allowed us to deliberately work through the home buying process, and avoid the stress and time pressure of a marketed transaction. Once we decided to buy the house they were invaluable through the inspection and due diligence process. They were quick to point out key components of the house that needed to be addressed, and facilitated discussions with the seller and had great vendor recommendations. They worked tirelessly for us and made sure we had all the information needed to make decisions. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Julie and Jaime. I can’t imagine going through the process with anyone else.” 

-Whitney G., Redwood City buyer then seller

“Jaime and Julie were an exceptional team to partner with during our home buying journey. We were under pressure to get into a house quickly as we are expecting twins and not only were they able to help us secure a beautiful home within a short turn around, they helped us achieve the majority of our wish list in a wonderful neighborhood. What we loved about working with this team is their thoroughness and attention to detail, their responsiveness as they always went above and beyond, and their ability to listen to our needs and ultimately help guide us through the stressful and cumbersome process of purchasing a home. We couldn’t have been more thrilled with our experience and would recommend this dynamic duo to anyone looking to settle on the Peninsula.”

-Peter & Kelly G., Redwood City buyer

“We recently had the pleasure of working with Jaime Lynn Jones and Julie Mariani Cassel through the search and purchase of our first California property. Being recent East coast transplants, our real estate experience did not adequately prepare us for the market in the Bay area. Jaime and Julie exude professionalism while simultaneously giving that personal touch, which helps you relax during what can be a very stressful experience. The two of them are an amazing team who are constantly working to find you that perfect place. I have, and will recommend this duo to anyone looking for agents who have the experience and the talent needed in this competitive housing market. Thank you Jaime and Julie!”

-Keith & Shirly E., Menlo Park buyer

“Jaime’s sharp, quick, thinks on her feet, thorough, has your back and goes beyond the mile making it happen! Simply lucky to have met her! I couldn’t have closed without her – period. Jaime’s timely out-of-the-box thinking suggestions goaded the out-of-ideas Everbank team into action – otherwise it would have been a chain of ever increasing closing windows for my sellers, their sellers, their sellers etc…”

-Joseph P, San Carlos buyer

“Jaime Jones is an excellent Realtor. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jaime on a couple of occasions. She helped me sell my townhouse and then buy a house in Redwood City and helped a friend sell his house in San Mateo. Jaime has a very positive attitude which kept me focused on finding the perfect house in the area I wanted to live. When I thought I wouldn’t find what I wanted, she kept telling me that my perfect house would eventually show up, and it did! Jaime did a great job of researching houses before I saw them, which was so helpful, knowing what to expect on our house hunting weekends. Jaime always took the time to make me feel like finding my house was important to her. I would recommend Jaime Jones to anyone looking for a new home or real estate opportunities.”

-Kris Rothgery, Edgewood Park, Redwood City buyer then seller, then San Mateo buyer

“I could not be more thrilled with my experience with Julie. I have been in real estate myself for almost 15 years and purchasing a home can be a very stressful experience. I have to say that I had the most positive and stress-free experience ever with Julie. She helped me from day one with what to expect, what price to initially offer, and got me extra concessions from the seller that I had no idea were even possible. In the end I was able to get the home for over $100,000 less than the asking price thanks to Julie’s negotiating skills! More importantly, she was so polite and kind to everyone. I will forever recommend and use Julie in all. my home buying needs.”

-Ryan Haden

“Jaime was recommended to us by other homeowners in our neighborhood who had great success with her. She is very knowledgeable about homes in our community, and in the Menlo Park area. She orchestrated a highly efficient, successful sale of our home with results $150K over asking price, with multiple offers within 2 days of listing.”

-Marc Hebert, Menlo Park seller

“Simply amazing, and beyond our expectations. Could not recommend more highly…”

-Stephenie H, Menlo Park seller

“Throughout the process, you navigated the uncertainties and surprises very well, and your advice was excellent at every step of the way.  I’d also like to point out, that during the four or five months we worked together, your were spot on every time you estimated the eventual sale price of a house that we looked at.  You know your market very well.” 

-David B, Redwood City buyer

“I recommend Jaime to anyone who is selling their home! She was brilliant in her knowledge of the market for my home, and had clients who were extremely in interested even before it went on the market. She was extremely committed to my needs and wants and went above and beyond the norm to make it all happen so fast for me. Multiple offers and well above asking price were the rewards. Jaime was very confident in her ability, knowledge of the market, and what I could expect. I will work with her on my next endeavor.”

-Richard Watt, Menlo Park seller

“Jaime walked us through the listing, and ultimately the final sales process in a professional manner. Jaime pulled all the stops necessary to get the deal done!”

-John G., Mt. Carmel, Redwood City seller

“I was so pleased my husband found Jaime to sell my mother’s home. Everything went smoothly and she found our buyers on the first and only open house. She was knowledgeable about the area and consumer. She was on top of all questions and responded immediately. I would recommend without a doubt.”

-Richards, Mt. Carmel, Redwood City seller

“Jaime has been such a tremendous support and helped guide me through the real estate process with her knowledge and expertise. She is very detailed and responsive to my questions and needs in both the selling and buying ends of the market and I felt very comfortable that every issue and question was addressed and answered. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to sell or buy their next home as you truly would be working with a real professional in this business who would help you every step of the way to accomplish your goals in the housing market.”

-Maureen Smith, Fremont seller

“Jaime Jones was very dedicated to selling our house of four years. She then made it her mission to help us find a new house that we loved. She gave us 100% and I would gladly recommend her services to others looking to buy or sell in the bay area.”

-JR, Mt. Carmel, Redwood City buyer & seller

“My wife and I were looking around for quite some time for a home somewhere on the Peninsula, but we were not sure which neighborhood would be ideal for our budget and needs. Jaime made lists of homes from San Mateo to Redwood City she felt were good buys based on location, price, and condition of the home. She was happy to help us tour these homes and any others we found, and she made insightful suggestions for what to look for in the properties we were seeing. The ideal location for us turned out to be Redwood City. The house we wanted had several offers within the first few days it was on the market. Jaime expertly helped us get our offer accepted, and she gracefully assisted us through a rushed escrow during the Christmas holiday season. She showed us the property December 4th, and we literally moved in January 4th! From start to finish in 30 days was amazing but extremely complicated. Jaime handled the pressures and issues with ease and was able to satisfy all of our questions in a professional manner. Her help through the buying process and after the closing was absolutely invaluable to us. We highly recommend Jaime as both a knowledgeable real estate agent and a true professional who was with us every step of the way.”

-Dennis & Joanne McEntire, Redwood City buyers

“Jaime had my house sold in five days due to her attention to detail, follow up, flexibility and most of all her knowledge of the Real Estate marketplace.”

-Lisa Ragan, San Carlos seller

“She is a true professional! I would recommend her to anyone and will certainly use her on my next Real Estate transaction.”

-S. Patel, San Francisco buyer

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