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Our first episode on American Dream Network Group – Selling Silicon Valley has dropped! JJ Team Homes gives you some behind-the-scenes secrets of the Silicon Valley real estate market and take you to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

In our first episode, Julie visits with Katy Poniatowski of the Santa Cruz Mountains Trail Stewardship. And Jaime visits with Jon Tattersall, President of Thomas James Homes.

Watch the full segment here!

In case you wanted to see more – this is the teaser too!

To watch our American Dream Network on our YouTube channel: First Episode.

Who Wants to Join Us on American Dream Network?

We can’t wait to share all of the wonderful communities, companies and amenities Peninsula Living has to offer. EVEN BETTER: Who is in the market to buy or sell their home in the coming months? J+J Team Homes is right here to help you get the job done. How would you like to showcase your home on ADTV too (think: millions of views each month).

Text/call us/contact us if you are in the market.
Jaime Lynn Jones 📱 650-430-7000
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More About American Dream Network TV

Different from other programs, the ADTV Network mission strays away from all negative viewpoints often found in the media. Instead it chooses to focus on educating, empowering, and engaging with viewers to help achieve personal American Dreams through subjects that include lifestyle, real estate, finance, and entrepreneurial mindset. We’re looking forward to you coming along for the ride with JJ Team Homes on this Emmy-nominated show!

This first episode is set to air on KPIX CBS San Francisco Bay Area, the ultimate destination for all things entertainment.

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