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There’s something truly magical about finding the perfect coffee shop on a rainy day or after you drop the kids off at school. If you are looking for a cozy place to retreat, where you can curl up with a cup of your favorite brew and watch the world go by, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve picked a few of the best coffee shops on the Peninsula to relax and unwind.  Whether you’re in Menlo Park, Los Altos, San Carlos, Palo Alto or Burlingame, here is some of the best coffee in the Bay Area and bakeries we frequent too.

Menlo Park Coffee Shops

Saint Frank’s Coffee

Saint Frank's Coffee in Menlo Park.  Menlo Park Coffee

Coffee snobs think Saint Frank’s coffee is not only the best in Menlo Park but the entire Bay Area.  Why?  Because the coffee is simply divine. From the rich, velvety lattes to the strong and complex coffees, every cup is a work of art.  Do we sound like we are describing an art gallery?  You’ll understand after your first cup. Saint Frank’s Motto: We want to do our best because it matters. Outside seating only, so you will have to grab and go on rainy days.

Peet’s Coffee

The Peet’s Coffee across the street from our JJ Teams office in Menlo Park is a great people-watching spot.  It’s an interesting place to soak up Silicon Valley vibes too.  Peet’s in Menlo Park is Julie’s go-to spot after she drops off the kids and heads to the office.

Coffee Bar

From the morning rush to the evening wine bar wind down, the Coffee Bar is a community hub and an urban home base in downtown Menlo Park.  It’s a great spot whether you are meeting new people, hanging out with the Moms from your kids’ school, or slipping on a pair of headphones to work. You can find them locally in Menlo Park and Redwood City.  If you are up in Tahoe, the Bakery in Truckee features fresh-baked items from scratch. Their food is delicious too!

Palo Alto Coffee Shops

Blue Bottle Coffee

The Blue Bottle at Stanford Mall is another one of our go-to Bay Area coffee shops.  Did you know Blue Bottle celebrated its 20th-anniversary in 2022?  The flavor of Blue Bottle coffee is some of the best we’ve had and have you ever tried one of the waffles?!?

Coupa Coffee

Coupa Coffee Palo Alto CA. palo alto coffee

Located in a 1930’s historical building, Coupa Coffee is a gem among Palo Alto coffee shops.  It offers you a sophisticated environment featuring plush Chesterfield sofas, chandeliers, plenty of comfortable seating, and speedy WiFi. Coupa is a comfortable coffee shop for the work-away-from-home crowd or those just looking to scroll Instagram or Pinterest (follow us too: @jjteamhomes).

Hot Tip: In addition to coffee, Coupa Coffee is also known for its spicy Maya hot chocolate and Chai Tea. 

Los Altos Coffee Shops

State Street Market

state street market in los altos

State Street Market is the perfect community space to connect with friends, family, and food. So think a little more than a coffee shop. There are seven culinary stalls to chose from. And trust us – each one is delish! They also host a number of fun events – you can play chess on Sunday mornings! Sign up for food hall updates, event information and more.

Little Sky Bakery

You say you are looking for the best coffee in the Bay Area, but Little Sky Bakery has the best bread too.  We dare you to just get one bakery item.  And even better, Little Sky delivers its baked goods locally.

Little Sky Bakery has locations in Los Altos and Menlo Park and is a frequent staple on the Farmer’s Market circuit throughout the Peninsula. Sign up for their newsletter so you know where they are and when.

Manresa Bread

Another great coffee shop that has the best bakery items is Manresa Bread in downtown Los Altos.  Maybe you are just going for a quick cup of coffee.  But you’ll stand in line and pretty soon, you’ll be ordering scones, danishes and three types of bread.  In addition to Los Altos, you can also find them in Palo Alto, Campbell, Los Gatos and Santa Cruz.  

San Carlos Coffee Shops

Mints and Honey

Jaime loves Mints and Honey.  LOVES!  And who can blame her?  Not only is it the prettiest coffee shop in San Carlos, but the drinks and the food are so good.  Even better, you can order ahead.  They feature a location in Burlingame and they cater too. 

Plantation Coffee Roastery

Plantation Coffee Roastery is a coffee shop in San Carlos CA.

To steal a line or two from a Daily Journal story on the Cheongs a couple of years ago: “There are no trendy seasonal drinks or secret menus filled with colorful, syrupy concoctions. The outside of the shop is fairly nondescript, so much so that it’s easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for.”  Doesn’t matter – the coffee is good.  Really good. Plantation Coffee Roastery has been a fixture in San Carlos for 44 years!

Burlingame Coffee Shops

Copenhagen Bakery

In operation since 1977, the Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame is more than a coffee shop as they serve three meals a day.  Their homemade soup is really good. Their pastries and snacks are unmatched. They include flaky croissants, gooey cinnamon rolls, and savory breakfast sandwiches as highlights. Fun Fact: Jaime ordered her wedding cake here.

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Let us know what you think the best coffee in the Bay Area is – maybe it will inspire us to change up our orders. Jaime loves a good iced almond milk latte and Julie’s latest is an Americano with a splash of oat milk.

What’s your favorite coffee shop? Leave us a comment below or on our social media. Or even better, reach out to us directly. Even if you aren’t in the market, we’d love it if you’d pass along our information to those on the lookout.