JJ Team Editor

In the highly competitive realm of real estate, delivering outstanding service to clients is paramount to achieving success at JJ Team Homes. This is precisely why our concierge seller services shine brightly when you are selling your home. With an impressive collective experience of over 30 years in the real estate industry, we have earned a well-deserved reputation for providing exceptional service to our clients. In this all-encompassing guide, we delve into the extensive and meticulous local real estate expertise offered by JJ Team Homes. Additionally, we will explore the diverse range of services we offer to both sellers and buyers, all under the umbrella of concierge selling services.  This includes move up buyers, who many times are selling a home.

JJ Team Homes’ Brand Principles 

J+J Team Homes has established our brand on four main principles:  

  • Trust
  • Ethics
  • Execution
  • Success

These principles serve as our foundation for the exceptional service we provide to you as our clients. From the moment you sit down with the JJ Team Homes, rest assured that every detail will be considered, and every decision made with your best interests in mind.

Seller Concierge Services

We offer a wide range of seller concierge services to ensure that our clients receive the support they need throughout the selling process. “We carefully consider market conditions and the seller’s sales goals to determine the pricing strategy. To ensure the listing price is accurate, we conduct weekly market and comparable property reports, providing valuable insights to determine the optimal list price,” said Jaime Lynn Jones.

Our concierge seller services are broken down into three phases: 1. Pre-Sale, 2. Marketing, and 3. Closing Contract Negotiations + Escrow Management.


The Pre-Sale phase is all about setting the stage for a successful sale. We take the necessary steps to protect our sellers by providing prospective buyers with a full and complete disclosure package. It includes all required disclosures regarding the history and condition of the home.  This thorough package gives potential buyers confidence in their purchase. As an added bonus, we also provide an online access link to the disclosure package and provide an onsite QR code for easy access for prospective buyers.

Additionally, we pay upfront for all required seller inspection reports, providing further transparency and peace of mind.

House Preparation for Home Sale

House preparation is another crucial aspect of the Pre-Sale phase.  JJ Team Homes pays up front for all home prep items. We do not charge anything for this convenience. We give our recommendations in terms of what kind of work will give the highest return and obtain bids. The seller decides what work to do and approves the bid. We take it from there.

JJ Team Homes coordinates with all vendors for home preparation, including: 

  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Landscaping

By taking care of these tasks upfront, we ensure that the home is presented in its best possible light to potential buyers. We are cognisant of sellers’ return on investment when suggesting home preparation and repair items. We provide a formula to our sellers so they are confident they will be getting a solid ROI once the home is sold.

Marketing Your Home For Sale

Once the Pre-Sale phase is complete, it’s time to focus on marketing the property. We work very closely with our sellers to identify the best time to sell the home. If necessary, we bring in a home stager to enhance the presentation of the home. How much it costs to stage a house is dependent on two things: 1) the size of the house and 2) how much staging is needed.

Throughout the sales process, we provide our clients with weekly summaries.  We either meet in person or host scheduled calls to go over market activity, ensuring our sellers are well-informed every step of the way.

Photos and Video of Your Home For Sale

J+J Team Homes employs a comprehensive marketing strategy to maximize exposure to sell your home. This includes:

  • Professional photos and drone videos of the home
  • Creating a virtual tour and a 3D virtual walk-through tour
  • Dedicated website to showcase its unique features to attract potential buyers
  • Professional marketing writing company to make sure key words are maximized in online home searches

Online Marketing and Print Advertising

Online marketing and print advertising are also integral components of marketing efforts to sell your home. JJ Team Homes lists your home for sale on MLS. We also ensure the listing is placed on all affiliated online platforms. In addition, we leverage all of our social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube, to reach a wider audience. We also utilize print advertising in magazines like 1. International Luxury, 2. M, 3. Luxe, 4. Punch, and/or 5. Gentry/Gazette, as well as in newspapers like Daily News and its affiliates.

To further enhance the marketing campaign, we also create full-color fliers and e-fliers with QR codes. These materials include a professional floor plan and are distributed to target buyers, our network of agents, our clients, as well as targeted neighborhoods where move-up buyers are coming from.

By utilizing both online and offline marketing channels, we ensure that your property receives maximum exposure to potential buyers.

A Proactive Approach with Agents

We pre-screen all buyers and conduct tours of the home with an agent present at all times. 

When it comes to connecting with real estate agents and identifying potential buyers, we take a proactive approach. We take pride in the relationships we have created on the Peninsula with other real estate agents and brokers.  

Additionally, we reach out to Peninsula Area real estate agents who have sold comparable homes within the last year to identify buyers who are still in the market. Gathering real-time market and pricing feedback on the home you are selling is an essential part of the follow-up process.

Closing Contract Negotiations + Escrow Management Phase

Once a buyer is found and an offer is made, we help negotiate the most favorable contract terms for our clients. We negotiate price, close of escrow timing, rent-back and contingencies.  Once we are under contract with your home, we will manage and monitor the escrow process.

We provide a final walk through checklist before you clase on your home as well. 

Concierge Seller Services: Our Relationship Never Ends

Our relationship never ends with the sale of your home. We are here to help you with everything to do with your home and its sale. In addition, if you are moving out of the area, we are also happy to connect you with real estate agents in other areas as well.