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Our Clients with Exceptional Service


With over three decades of combined real estate experience, J+J Team Homes
provide our clients with exceptional service.

We offer comprehensive and detailed local real estate knowledge. The creative and strategic insight we provide the buyers and the sellers as part of our concierge services doesn’t end at the point of sale. From the time you sit down with us, you can rest assured that every detail will be considered. We built our brand on four main values: Trust, Ethics, Execution and Success.

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J+J Team Homes

Buyer Concierge Services

  • Buyer conversion/Create Buyer Profile
  • Educate Buyer on the Neighborhood
  • View Off Market Opportunities
  • Property Valuation(s) + Property Value education/analysis
  • Escrow Management
  • Loan process overview
  • Tour Homes + Out of Area Video Tours
  • Education: Disclosure Analysis/Selling home as-is
  • Contracts + Contract Negotiation
  • Moving services recommendations

A Buyer’s Journey

J+J Team Homes Buyer Concierge Services are broken down into three phases:

1. Buyer Profile Interview

Steps: 1 – 2

2. Market Education + Exploration

Steps: 3 – 6

3. Contact Negotiations + Escrow Management

Steps: 7 – 10

1. Buyer Profile Interview

We start by meeting with our buyers and create a unique profile. We learn about the specific wants and needs of each client because no two buyers are alike.

The list of questions we ask each buyer to help us develop a unique profile.

  • Are you pre-approved? If not, we connect buyers with experienced lenders we work with who understand the Bay Area’s competitive real estate market.

For more on pre-approvals, click here to check out our Blog

  • Price: With the lender’s input, we identify the price range the buyer is comfortable with.
  • Location: Some buyers already have a location in mind. In addition to looking in that area, we have conversations about the following:
    • Additional neighborhoods and pockets of the Bay Area that they might not be looking at or may not know about.
    • Give them detailed information on the best locations for resale.
    • Provide real-time market data on neighborhoods we have identified with the upside potential.
    • What do buyers place value on? For example: outdoor living space, accessibility, views, privacy, etc.
  • Size: We identify the size requirements for our buyers.
    • Bedrooms
    • Bathrooms
    • Lot size
    • Livable square footage
    • Other amenities
  • House characteristics: We identify certain home design features that are a deal breaker or deal maker. For example: Modern Homes, New Construction, Spanish-Style, Mid-Century, etc.


As expert Bay Area realtors, we educate our buyers through past market sales data, home tours, and more.

  • Home values that have recently sold that match the buyer profile in terms of Bay Area real estate. This education helps us set expectations on the likelihood that a home will be available for sale based on the criteria. This education leads to prioritizing our buyer profile.
  • We tour most homes before we send them to our buyers. We provide photos and video tours. Because our buyer’s time is precious – we pre-screen all homes.
  • We then tour the homes with our buyers. We provide our buyers with our opinion on the flow of the home, resale value, finishes, upgrades required or aesthetic upgrade possibilities, etc.
  • We create a dedicated Google drive for our clients. We then download disclosures with a summary.  This Google drive will help educate the buyers on the value based on the condition of the home. It also helps the buyers understand what to expect in disclosures.  When our clients are ready to buy – they have our summary reports and understand the nuances that come with homeownership.

Offer Price Recommendation

We provide comparative market analysis for homes our buyers are considering putting an offer on. In this analysis, we:

  • Take into consideration recent Bay Area home sales in the neighborhood
  • Leverage pending sales information not publicly available
  • Research the values from an appraisal standpoint
  • Explore competition information (how many other buyers may be offering)
  • Scrutinize the property disclosures of other Silicon Valley homes for sale

We also provide our buyers with three different values:

  • Appraisal Value
  • Comp/Market Value
  • What we think the home will end up selling for. Sometimes these values align and sometimes they can be off by hundreds of thousands of dollars.


We provide you with our recommendation of optimal offer terms in order for you to have the best chances to get the home in this ultra-competitive Bay Area real estate market.  We will also:

  • manage and monitor the escrow process.
  • provide the buyer a final walk through checklist of items to do before you move into your new home.

REMINDER: Our relationship never ends with the purchase of your home. We are here to help you with all things home, moving, recommendation of contractors (painters, landscapers, masons, and more).

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