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Summer is a great time to read because we find a little room in our schedules. The school year always seems to be a little too crazy, doesn’t it? Let’s hope we can add to your summer reading list with a few of our favorite books. In addition, we’ll also fill you in on a few of our top independent local bookstores in the South Bay – including a hot tip at the end.  

Julie’s Favorite Books

The following are a few of our favorite books!  Feel free to respond in the comments with a few of your favorites too.  The list below includes everything from non-fiction to fiction to self-help.  Look it over and then think about what your preference is for summertime reading. Even better, swing by one of our favorite local independent bookstores from the list below to add to your stack.

“I am personally always trying to get better and improve myself in all aspects of life,” Julie Cassel said.  “I guess I’m a bit of a dork because I will tend to lean towards non-fiction.”

Keep reading to learn more about Julie’s own recommendations!

Anatomy of Peace

the anatomy of peace.  favorite-books-and-local-bookstores

This is the first book I am recommending. It’s a non-fiction book. Some people might call this a self-help book too. This book has completely changed my way of thinking and behaving when dealing with conflict.  The writings also help me make a decision when I am having trouble seeing the issue clearly. It includes a fictional story which includes helpful tips to live with a heart of peace.

Reading this book a few times has helped me with:

  • my business relationships
  • my relationship with my kids
  • doling out advice to my kids
  • dealing with conflict

I keep this book on my nightstand table at all times.  I pick it up from time to time when I need to hit the reset button.

Where The Crawdads Sing

where the crawdads sing book cover favorite-books

This book is for all you fiction readers who want to get lost! This is a really cool story about a young girl in North Carolina.  I promise you – this is the type of book that will stick with you even when you have finished it.  I find myself replaying the pages in my mind constantly. When this happens, I feel like I am watching the movie because the storyline scenes play so clearly in my mind.  It is hard to believe this is Delia Owen’s first book.

Hot Tip: The movie will be released in theaters on July 15 (hot tip: go see it – it’s excellent!).  Click here to watch the trailer!  The movie is produced by Reese Witherspoon with a number of up and comers! Of course if you fell in love with this book like I did, you probably have already bought your movie tickets for opening night.

How to Raise An Adult

how to raise an adult book cover ... favorite-books

I am halfway through How to Raise an Adult.  I’ll let you know my full recommendation on this book when I’m finished. Having three children from three to 13 – I sometimes giggle at my nightstand stack of books.  My stack includes Toddler Wise and How to Raise an Adult with bent pages throughout both. But, I’m finding that How to Raise An Adult is giving me some perspective on raising my 8 year old too. Indeed!

Terrific Independent Local Bookstores in the South Bay

The following are a few of our favorite independent local bookstores in the South Bay.  All of these bookstores are a great place to take the kids this summer or even better, on an afternoon date this fall.  One of the bookstores features a free concert on Thursday mornings this summer!

B Street Books | San Mateo

B Street Books is a used bookstore in San Mateo.  It has been open for 10 years. It looks small on the outside. But it has more than 40,000 titles that include fiction, art, travel, graphic novels, history, and children’s.

Encore Books On the Square | Redwood City

The San Mateo County History Museum attracts visitors from around the Bay Area, but many people may not know that one of the largest used bookstores in the Peninsula sits right underneath the museum. While you are there, make sure you stop by Encore Books.  Encore Books carries a large selection of used books sold at fair prices. Bring cash because that’s all they take! For more on Redwood City’s Summer Happenings, check out our blog.

Keplers | Menlo Park

This indie bookstore in Menlo Park, founded in 1955, is a historical gem. Keplers is known for its literary events, smart staff, and wide-ranging selection.  If you need help picking out a book – their staff will jump to the task because they are avid readers too.  Click here for some of their picks.

Linden Tree Books | Los Altos

What started in 1981 as a local bookstore specializing in children’s recordings, Linden Tree Books has since branched out to be so much more. The South Bay store includes puppets, puzzles, science games, and book-character dolls, offering something for the young bookworms out there.

Hot Tip: Music has always been a part of Linden Tree’s DNA, dating back to their earliest days specializing in children’s music. Furthermore, they are thrilled to host concerts this summer for the kids every Thursday at 11 am!  Click here to learn more.

linden tree bookstore ... favorite-books-and-local-bookstores
The Linden Tree Bookstore concerts are back on Thursdays at 11 am in the Summer!

We hope your summer is going well.  We also hope you are enjoying the J+J Team Homes Blog!  If you have additions to the favorite books reading list or bookstores you would like to recommend – leave them in the comments or on J+J Team Homes social media. We all love a good recommendation!

Thank you for reading our blog. Even if you aren’t in the market, we’d love for you to pass along our information to those who are on the lookout.