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For first-time home buyers: we see ourselves as PROACTIVE real estate agents.  This is a trait that has consistently yielded positive results for our JJ Team Homes home buyers.  Especially when it comes to securing off market real estate opportunities. Our ‘secret sauce’ as proactive real estate agents lies in obtaining these off market opportunities. This has accounted for over 40 percent of our sales in the last 3 out of 4 years. 

There is an art to get off market deals done. We do what it takes to make it happen! Recently we had an off market offer accepted for our buyers. The house was still undergoing work, and needed to be cleaned up. So we sent our landscaper out to clear the exterior in preparation for the appraisal. And we helped with mulch and flowers! Teamwork makes the dream work when buying a house!

How do we ensure that you find that hidden gem as a home buyer? It starts with the relationships we’ve developed with our 30+ years of combined real estate experience. We also make it an effortless choice for sellers to just say ‘Yes!’ to our offers on off market opportunities. Once you’re on board as the buyer, we handle everything, ensuring a smooth buying experience.

First-time Home Buyers: When Your Offers Aren’t Being Accepted

When you’re navigating the market as first-time home buyers, the disappointment of missing out on your dream home can be disheartening. Discovering that someone else has already sealed the deal is frustrating. That’s why our commitment to you includes a strategy to ensure we’re always one step ahead. From our very first meeting, we pledge to give you the upper hand in the home-buying race by doing the following:

  • Get you up to speed on the market.
  • Educate you on areas you are interested in.
  • Educate you on property conditions.
  • Educate you on micro-neighborhood (s).
  • Source off market listings unique to your criteria.
  • Tour properties in advance to save you time.

We think of ourselves as real estate consultants and oftentimes talk buyers out of homes; we ensure they are making a solid long-term investment and guiding buyers to purchase a home that is right for them. The creative and strategic insight we provide our buyers as part of our concierge services doesn’t end at the point of sale. We built the JJ Team Homes brand on four main values: Trust, Ethics, Execution and Success.

Ways JJ Team Homes Helps Our Buyers

Here are some real-life examples of how our dedicated service helps our home buyers. Including our first-time home buyers. Our approach is tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring a personalized and successful home-buying journey.

  1. The listing agent has exclusive listings, but only hardcopies of the disclosures because they’re not yet on the market. No worries at all. Our agent support goes the extra mile — we’ll pick up the documents, scan them, and promptly return them, ensuring you have everything you need without delay. Our buyers have the opportunity to review disclosures before anyone else.
  2. What if the listing agent hasn’t cleaned the property or completed the prep work? Once again, this isn’t an issue for JJ Team Homes. We send our crew to handle the cleaning and/or prep work. And even better, we’ll cover the costs ourselves.
  3. Concerned because there aren’t any smoke detectors or carbon detectors installed, and the inspection is tomorrow? Rest assured, it’s no problem for us. We’re always prepared with tools in our trunk, ready to swiftly install what is needed.  This ensures your home purchasing process is seamless and stress-free.

Buying a Home in a Competitive Market

Any home can be available for sale. Off market real estate opportunities can be a goldmine in competitive markets like ours on the Peninsula. The MLS listings typically require that every home be accessible for showings, but this may not be feasible or appealing for certain sellers. A seller discreetly reaches out to a select group of agents to quietly market their home instead. This underscores the importance of agent collaboration and having a savvy real estate agent who can navigate these exclusive channels for you.  We are here for you in these opportunities because we have solid relationships with agents up and down the Peninsula.

How Do We Find Off Market Real Estate Opportunities?

JJ Team Homes: Your PROACTIVE Real Estate Agents

For first-time home buyers, the premier strategy for finding off market properties is to partner with a knowledgeable real estate agent. Our JJ Team Homes has a portfolio of sellers eager to execute off market real estate deals. We also provide valuable insights on neighborhoods and potential investment opportunities, proving that success in the real estate investors’ world hinges on connections and collaboration.  We are here for you every step of the way.

JJ Team Homes: Your PROACTIVE Real Estate Agents

Reach out if you have questions – we are here for you as your PROACTIVE real estate agents. If you have any questions or a topic you’d be interested in learning more about – leave us a comment below or on our social media. Or reach out to us directly. Even if you aren’t in the market, we’d love it if you’d pass along our information to those on the lookout.