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You may wonder, “should I sell my house now or wait until 2023?” With the holidays coming up, you may think the timing is off to sell your home. Should you put up your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor when your house is for sale? But, sometimes moves are out of your control. And selling a house now rather than waiting until 2023 isn’t the worst idea. 

Why Sell at the End of the Year?

  1. There is generally less inventory on the market, which makes buyers compete more for your house. 
  2. You may be on vacation or out of town more, which makes it more convenient for you not to have to continually prep your house before each showing appointment. If your property is readily available to be seen, it’ll get more showings. 
  3. When done correctly, staging your home for the holidays can be a great way to show off the house. See below for our tips. 
Staging from designer Sheila Kramer

Christmas Decor When Selling Your House

  1. Pair it down: Think of the amount of Christmas decor you would normally display in your house, and now cut that down to only one-third. We recommend decorating sparingly. A single Christmas tree, a set dining table, and a single strand of white lights on the exterior. 
  2. Ditch the tchotchkes: Your collection of Star Wars-themed nutcrackers may be fun, but they’re sure to distract buyers by creating visual clutter. 
  3. Faux is the way to go: We recommend a faux Christmas tree. They provide a more streamlined look and won’t drop needles or risk bringing in any aphids. If you love the smell of a real tree, you can still make your house smell like Christmas with stovetop recipes in a beautiful LeCruset pot. 
  4. Hire a professional: Just like you would hire a stager any other time of the year, it’s almost more important to hire a stager to help decorate when selling your house during the holidays. A home stager can not only make your home look like a Christmas catalog (you know, the envy of all your neighbors) but also can rent you decor you may not have without you having to worry about storage in the new year. We definitely recommend hiring a professional lighting service for the exterior of your home to keep a classic look. 
Fall table decor from designer Sheila Kramer. Decorate your home for the holidays while selling.
Fall table decor from designer Sheila Kramer

Interested in selling your home during the holidays or need staging assistance with your Christmas decor? Reach out to J&J Team Homes today.  We are here to give tips too if you want to decorate for holidays when selling

More Holiday Decor Ideas

Here more are photos from a local designer Sheila Kramer. She decorated this gorgeous home for the fall. Loving her tablescape and cheeky Halloween decor! 

should I sell my house now or wait until 2023? Tips for selling your home during the holidays.
Halloween decor from designer Sheila Kramer. should I sell my house now or wait until 2023?