JJ Team Editor

Preparing your home to sell can be a little overwhelming. You may think about all the projects you never got to when living in your house. While these projects might be important to you, in reality, they’re not what’s going to make the difference to a buyer. In fact, your own pre-sale to-do list is probably 10 times more than what actually needs to be done. That’s why our No. 1 tip to sell your house faster and easier – hire a realtor.

How a Realtor Makes Selling Your House Easier

Even if you think you’ll sell your house in the next three to six months, we recommend involving a seller’s realtor as early as possible. Our team of Realtors at J+J Team Homes can help you prioritize projects, arrange for inspections, and manage vendors. Think of us as a general contractor for your home’s sale. Realtors also have long-standing relationships with vendors to help update or fix any issues. Our relationships mean you often won’t have long wait times. We can also help oversee these projects.

We do all inspections and disclosures ahead of putting your home on the market. At J+J Team Homes, we have our handyman go through the inspection report and repair the easily fixed items. With these out of the way, your home can be shown in its best light and get an offer on your terms (for example, an offer with no contingencies). 

Additional Steps We Suggest

  1. Hire a stager: According to the National Association of Realtors, staging a home increases its sale price by as much as 10%, making it a worthwhile investment. At J+J Team Homes we offer staging services in tandem with cleaners and organizers.
  2. Invest in professional listing photos: Your new iPhone camera is amazing, but most likely you’re not a professional photographer. Real Estate photographers understand the angles and lighting that best sell a house.

Things You Can Do To Make Selling Easier

  1. Check your lighting: Install dimmer switches to let you control the light in each room. And don’t forget to check and turn on the outside lights so your house shines no matter what time of day.
  2. Don’t forget the yard: Staging the yard is just as important as staging the inside of the house. Weed thoroughly and prune shrubs and trees so they do not obscure the home. Pressure wash your house, patio, deck, porch, fence, driveway, and any walkways.
  3. Schedule time away: Currently, it takes about 14 days to sell your house in the Bay Area. The first seven days on the market are when you’re going to get 90% of your showings. We encourage our sellers to plan a weekend getaway during the first weekend of open houses. It’s hard to live through 10-12 showing requests in a day, so you don’t have to get out or clean up with little notice. 

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