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“Life is all about relationships.”

We live by these words at J+J Team Homes. That said, welcome to J+J Team Homes Blog! We’ve nicknamed the blog, Team Talk. We promise to fill our posts with plenty of real estate knowledge. We’ll also throw in some hot tips. We’ll write about timely topics, including a few tricks on how to fall in love with your home, why you should (or shouldn’t) add a pool and the best time to sell a house. As locals, we’ll also recommend the hot new restaurant or the best place to get a quick mani-pedi. As Moms–who are life-long Bay Area residents–we have plenty to say as part of the J+J Team Homes Blog.

Today’s Housing Market

We have three decades of combined real estate experience so we understand today’s Bay Area housing market. Right now being strategic and smart is as important as being creative and in the know.Working together, our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our clients.

Buying and selling a house shouldn’t be the most stressful time in your life. Real estate is a service-based business that requires personalized and unique attention for each client. Our clients understand whether we are buying or selling your home-we are extremely intentional and dedicated with our research and communication. Our goal is to take the stress out of the experience as much as possible. We work to take care of all aspects of the transaction. We are a true yin and yang.


We met when our kids were in preschool together and immediately liked one another. We’ve been friends for 10+ years and real estate partners for five.  Working with someone you like is key to happiness in life.  But connecting as friends and working together are two different things. Through Julie’s previous leadership training, we put ourselves through Clifton Strengths assessments and found that we complement each other well. Even though we are on the same page, we also think differently and bring very different strengths to the table.

Whether you are buying or selling, you need a comfort zone with your real estate agent from day one.  This is why building successful relationships are key to the way we operate.  Our clients come from referrals – people we’ve worked with in the past.  But some of our clients begin as strangers and quickly become trusted friends.  We operate with integrity, positivity and ethics – providing concierge service to each of our clients.  Don’t worry – we like to have fun too.  We’ll keep a smile on your face.

When we represent clients, we do it through the eyes of buyers, sellers and the agents on the other side of the transaction. When agents see our listings or offers, we take pride in the fact that they want to work with us because we have established a positive relationship with them. One of the nicest compliments we’ve received: a referral from the buyer who was on the other side of the transaction a year after that transaction was completed.

South Bay Real Estate Agents

When looking for a home, there is no doubt that finding a local expert will provide you with the best outcome.  Someone who knows the area like the back of their hand.  As South Bay Area real estate agents, we live and breathe the area we service.

The residential Mount Carmel neighborhood in Redwood City is small, but has a gorgeous variety.  We know if you want a fresh chocolate croissant like you’d buy in Paris, you hit The Midwife and The Baker in Mountain View (they also deliver to cafes and grocery stores around the Bay Area).  We know the hot spots for date night are the Village Pub in Woodside and Towne in San Carlos.  You can get a quick blow out at the Drybar (Burlingame or Palo Alto), a pedicure at Anne’s in Menlo Park, and get your hair colored by Erika at Rouge Salon in Redwood City.

What else are you interested in knowing about? Let us know – we are more than happy to take requests as a part of the J+J Team Homes Blog!

Specialize in Off-Market Opportunities

When working with a client, we each have an iphone full of connections.  For the buyer, we specialize in off-market opportunities.  We work the phones day and night to find you your dream home.  We pride ourselves in the concierge services we provide.  Check out a few of our recent listings.

As a seller, we take the load off of you.  We take care of:

  • Packing
  • Organizing
  • De-cluttering
  • Painting
  • staging homes
  • and more.

We provide you with our recommendations on the best “bang for your buck” list on what to invest in before you sell your house. This list will include what not to fix when selling your house.  We create a full listing calendar of events from start to finish and track all the progress on a shared Google doc.  In addition, we host scheduled weekly calls throughout the process so you’re in the know.  At the end of the day, we make sure we maintain a strong communication stream of information throughout the entire process.

We also work with a talented team of professionals who are ready to go the extra mile. Need a room painted before you sell? Alfonso is ready to jump in. Need to landscape curb appeal in Menlo Park? Luis is certainly our ace in the hole.

Thank you for reading J+J Team Homes Blog

Keep checking back in with us.  If you have any questions or a topic you’d be interested in learning more about – leave us a comment below, on our social media, or reach out. Even if you aren’t in the market, we’d love it if you’d pass along our information to those who are on the lookout.

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