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We know the housing market is tough. So if you’re staying put for a while we want you to enjoy the home (or apartment or duplex, etc.) you’re in. There are plenty of ways to make a small room look bigger. From paint colors to furniture placement, you can trick the naked eye and make your cozy space feel a little more open. 

Already buying a home that’s bigger than your existing one? Use these same tips when staging your home to make it appear larger and brighter. You’re more likely to get offers over asking when rooms look bigger and photograph well!

Read on for our tips on how to create rooms that feel larger and look more spacious.

What Colors Make a Room Look Bigger?

We’ve all heard lighter paint colors make a room look bigger. That is generally true, but no one wants a boring white box. Instead, we recommend neutral paint colors to make your room look bigger. Our favorite neutral colors from Benjamin Moore are: Edgecomb Gray, White Dove, Revere Pewter and Gray Owl.

Edgecomb Gray paint swatch.

Make A Small Room Look Bigger
Edgecomb Gray
White Dove paint swatch.

Make A Small Room Look Bigger
White Dove
Revere Pewter paint swatch.

Make A Small Room Look Bigger
Revere Pewter
Gray Owl paint swatch. 

Make A Small Room Look Bigger
Gray Owl

When picking a paint color, make sure it has the right undertones (cool or warm) that compliment your floors, cabinets, or other features in the room. 

The finish of the paint matters as well. We recommend eggshell finishes in small rooms, as the light will reflect better, thus making the room look bigger. 

Tips for Small Bedrooms 

  1. De-clutter the space. Keep furnishings and bedding simple. Too many layers can make the room look cluttered. 
  2. Use smaller furniture. Don’t try to fit a king-size bed in a small bedroom. Eliminate large dressers.  Use a smaller dresser as a bedside table.
  3. Lighter paint color isn’t always the answer, darker paint colors can work just as well. 
  4. Go vertical. Use the vertical space to make your bedroom look bigger. Have the window treatments go from the ceiling down to the floor. Vertical lines in wallpaper can do wonders as well.

Tips for Living Rooms

  1. Remove the Clutter.  Nothing makes a living room look smaller than clutter. Knick knacks, items covering every table surface, piles in the corner, do the exact opposite when you want to make a living room look bigger. The first step is to really tidy and remove your clutter. Don’t just move it to another room, edit your things. 
  2. Pick window shades over drapes.  Window shades allow you to control the light in the room without taking up the same amount of space as larger hanging drapes. If drapes are too short or too long, the eye is instantly drawn to this mishap. Shades also allow for crisp, clean lines against a wall and are less distracting. For the window shades, if you can mount them close to the ceiling to make the window appear to be higher, it helps lengthen the feel of the room. 
  3. Lighten up furniture, accessories and/or art work. Use neutrals to brighten the space and make it feel bigger. Larger/taller art work or plants can help make the room feel larger – which may feel counterintuitive. One of the best stagers we use always brings in larger artwork in smaller spaces and we love the look of it! Here is an example of a small dining room from one of our listings where they used larger artwork to elongate the room. 
White kitchen looking into a dining room with lights. Stainless steel sink. Art on the wall from ceiling to the floor. Striped rug (brown and white). Modren looking kitchen. Make A Small Room Look Bigger
Art on the wall from ceiling to the floor. Striped rug (brown and white). Modren looking dining room. French doors are open into the backyard. Make A Small Room Look Bigger

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